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Business & Innovation Tour

London is often voted the world’s best city to do business and we invite you to the capital’s thriving business centres. In addition to our Finance Tours and Marketing & Retail Tours, our popular Silicon Roundabout Tour goes straight to the heart of the Tech City eco-system.

Silicon Roundabout/Tech City Walking Tour

Welcome to the epicentre of London’s booming tech start-up industry!

Come and discover the unassuming roundabout which over the course of the last decade has earned a reputation as the perfect incubator for the modern start-up. Traversing the art-lined streets of colourful Shoreditch, we explore the curious origins and exciting developments of the one-and-only Silicon Roundabout. Discover why students and corporate groups are flocking to the area for inspiration.

With start-up success stories of all kinds, between 2012 and 2014, Silicon Roundabout boasted 32,000 businesses founded in a single postcode – more than any other postcode in history. This eye-opening educational tour delves into the foundations, development and innovation of the business eco-system.

On this business and innovation tour you will discover:

  • The unlikely origins of the name “Silicon Roundabout”

  • Why the area attracts entrepreneurs from all over the world

  • Key differences between Silicon Roundabout and Silicon Valley

  • The moves made by powerful companies such as Barclays, Google and Amazon who occupy “the sweet spot”

  • Silicon Roundabout’s success stories and its unicorns like Wise

  • The hottest business trends from blockchain to co-working

This is an exterior walking tour of one of London’s most forward-thinking districts. For an in-depth understanding of London’s tech scene, pair this educational guided tour with a company visit to a pioneering tech start-up.

To book your Silicon Roundabout/Tech City Tour or to find out more then get in touch via contact@insiderlondon.com.

Innovative Tech Co-working Space on the Silicon Roundabout Tour
New Amazon HQ on the border of the Finance District and Tech City
Barclays Fintech Accelerator on the Silicon Roundabout Tour

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