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London Modern Architecture Tour

How often in the big smoke do we stop and look up? Insider London invites you to take a closer look at the marvellous structures which puncture the horizon. In addition to our Sustainable Architecture Tour we offer a fabulous Modern Architecture Tour.

Lloyds of London by Richard Rogers on a Modern Architecture Tour
Wobbly Bridge by Norman Foster on a Walking Tour for Architects
London Landmark The Shard on a Tour for Architecture Students

This award-winning tour uncovers the hidden stories of London’s iconic skyline. Explore how the world’s top architects merge the historic and the innovative in their race to the skies. Emerge yourself in the controversies of the architectural world, from questions of heritage to sustainability.

In two hours, we journey through the latest architectural developments of the City of London, starting at St Paul’s and finishing at the many “kitchen items” of the Eastern cluster.

In three and a half hours, this in-depth journey begins with the artistic jewels of Southwark before crossing over into the City of London. In this version, we stop mid-way to refuel where our guides will show you one of the best views in London over a quick coffee break.

On this walking tour you will discover:

  • The most striking examples of modern architecture in London and the fascinating stories behind their development
  • The importance of sustainability in London’s architecture and the dynamic modern developments pushing the sustainability envelope
  • How architects marry London’s innovative and historic architectural styles, including, a building which integrates an ancient churchyard
  • The controversial blocks that have had critics up in arms from the development likened to a sea-sponge to the car-melting “fryscraper”
  • A futuristic (and formerly very wobbly) London footbridge (in 3.5 hour version)
  • The distinctive styles and characteristic design traits of influential British architects, including Will Alsop, Richard Rogers and Sir Norman Foster
  • What’s next for London’s iconic skyline

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