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London Underground Tour

Travel across 150 years in just two hours aboard one of our awesome London Underground Tours!

Starting at London’s first ever underground station and finishing at one of London’s futuristic space-age tube stations, you’ll hear first-hand the captivating twists and turns of the Tube’s history on this fun, fact-packed two-hour tour.

The London Underground Tour takes you under the skin of the world’s oldest and most iconic underground system. From learning about the Tube’s origins, construction and design, to catching a glimpse of one of London’s abandoned ‘ghost stations’, our experienced tour guides will illuminate another side of the London Underground network.

A tube train pulling into an underground station
Our guests in front of Frank Pick's memorial in Piccadilly Circus, January 2017.
A lovely couple on a private Tube Tour in Westminster station.

Meeting Point: By the Sherlock Holmes Statue, outside Baker Street

Finishing Point: Westminster Station


On this tour you will:

  • Learn how London’s extensive Underground network was constructed (by hand!) over 150 years ago
  • Discover the hazards of running steam trains underground, including why staff requested leave to grow beards
  • Catch a rare glimpse of a disused ‘ghost station’ abandoned over fifty years ago
  • Learn how the London Underground pioneered the concept of building an epic, money-spinning visual brand, from its iconic tube map to the design of its stations
  • Gain an insight into the superstar architects behind the Underground’s distinctive architecture, including the man who painted London red and why some stations resemble spaceships
  • Find out why Big Ben tilts two centimetres to the North West…

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