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Alternative History - Quirky London Tour

Insider London’s Quirky London Tour is the London that the history books don’t mention, and the tour guides leave out!

Whether you are a born-and-bred Londoner or just looking to get off the beaten track, the Quirky Tour is a London history tour with a difference. This alternative London history tour explores the fun-filled streets of Covent Garden from the secret stories of the piazzas and monuments to the curiosities round ever back-street corner. Journey back in time with Insider London and Covent Garden will never be the same again.

Discover London’s best bits with this two-hour Quirky Walking Tour. Sites include Covent Garden Piazza, the Royal Opera House, Waterloo Bridge, the Savoy Hotel and Trafalgar Square.

Meeting Point: Outside Covent Garden Station

Finishing Point: Trafalgar Square


On this alternative London tour you will:

  • Explore London’s historic party district
  • Meet a group of lions that would upset any zoologist
  • Discover the favourite intoxicants of old London
  • Find London’s most controversial sculptures
  • Learn the true origins of some of Britain’s favourite expressions

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