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Company Visits & Workshops - For Schools & Corporate Groups

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For real business insight out of the office or classroom then look no further than our Company visits and Workshops. Selected visits and workshops are now available as live online sessions for group bookings.

Company Visits

Our company visits for students and corporate groups showcase some of the world’s most powerful companies as well as the capital’s most innovative entrepreneurs, including:

  • Curve – the fintech name on everybody’s lips that boasts a partnership with Fitbit and the latest cutting-edge features
  • Metro Bank – the first new UK high street bank in more than 150 years who started after the 2008 financial crisis. Come and discover their community-oriented business model
  • Level39 - one of the world’s biggest fintech hubs at non-other than 1 Canada Square. Here find the world pioneers in cybersecurity, fintech and retail tech
  • London Stock Exchange Workshop – with a market capitalization value of over $4 trillion, this is one of the oldest stock exchanges in the world. We offer bespoke training programmes at the LSE.

  • LEGO – one of the world’s largest toy companies. Come and tour their London hub and find out about their exciting company culture
  • Tribal Worldwide - The global technology-based marketing agency, part of the Omnicons Group who develop creative solutions forMcDonalds, Adidas and Volkswagen
  • LOKE – a super-app bringing together fascinating insight from marketing, fintech, big data and AI for clients like the Development Bank of Singapore and Nando’s
  • Entocycle – this cutting-edge biotechnology disruptor is developing the world’s most sustainable and efficient way to produce protein

Insider London’s Company Visits are a unique opportunity for corporate groups and government officials looking for a rare behind-the-scenes experience, as well as for student groups looking to explore real-life thriving business models. Our visits provide an opportunity to make vital contacts and discover key challenges of the modern world in specific industries.

E-mail contact@insiderlondon.com to choose from our extensive list of partners. With opportunities for a variety of groups, with sizes from 6-80 people, we will create a bespoke business programme for your precise professional or academic needs.


Insider London also hosts engaging and interactive workshops with top industry professionals. The precise subject matter of talks and workshops can be oriented around the interests and requirements of your student or corporate group.

  • Fintech for the Future – An ideas exchange between some of the UK’s most innovative fintech companies. With a carefully curated selection of start-ups.
  • Asset Management & Trading – A bespoke session based on the background of the group; this workshop is led by a former policy advisor to the European Monetary Affairs committee.
  • Web Design - Revealing the secrets to developing a fantastic website. This dynamic and interactive session focuses on user experience and synergy between different platforms. Led by an industry expert, come and get creative!

  • Public Speaking – A vital skill for groups of all backgrounds, this workshop weds theory and practice to give your group a great toolbox for delivering amazing and engaging speeches.
  • Business Model Canvas – A fantastic introductory session for students. This workshop introduces critical key considerations for budding entrepreneurs when creating their business model
  • Finance Made Simple – specially created for those new to finance, this is the first step to understanding how money operates in a business. From raising investment to monitoring cashflow, it’s time to de-mystify!
  • Defining Leadership - exploring crucial characteristics of successful leadership and their practical application to honing negotiating and influencing skills.

Get in touch via contact@insiderlondon.com to start creating your perfect educational package.

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Our packages can be arranged for any date or time. Furthermore, we are happy to create a bespoke programme to reflect your specific needs.

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