London is a global city like no other. With two thousand years of history preserved within its walls, modern London is a world capital for education, media, arts, tourism, finance and technology. “A city of villages” – every neighbourhood boasts its own character, style and heritage. From the art-lined streets of trendy Shoreditch to the prestige of Mayfair boulevards, there is never enough time to explore all that London has to offer.

A hub of travel and migration, a great part of the city’s identity is its celebration of the many world cultures which reside there. Diversity is at the heart of both the London way of life and the London way of doing business.

Continually striving to be the world’s best place to do business, the capital has produced many thriving eco-systems and more unicorns than any other European city. From the established stronghold of the City of London Financial District, to the innovative agility of the Silicon Roundabout tech quarter, we invite you for a bespoke programme of company visits, educational tours and cultural experiences to explore London’s many dimensions.

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