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Company Visits Berlin

Bird eye view of Euref building Berlin
Company Visits Berlin - Open plan office space for a berlin tech company.
A trendy shop facade in Berlin city centre

On your Berlin trip, we invite you to go deeper, Insider London visits offer you a real opportunity, enabling you to probe the most innovative and exciting companies from sustainable fashion to drone technology and much more.

Our partnerships include:

  • Finleap – building companies for the finance sector, this key player has astonishingly already launched 18 companies and has created Europe’s largest fintech hub: H:32.
  • Babbel – the most innovative company in education, this subscription-based app and e-learning software boasts millions of users and is developed by in-house linguists.
  • Ableton music – pioneering music technology for more than 20 years, this developer is the best-known and most used music software in the world.
  • ECOALF – integrating break-through sustainable technology with stylish design, this brand represents the future of fashion and has released lines with Apple, Desigual and Swatch.

  • Drone Masters – accelerating the latest developments in mobility, these pioneers connect, incubate, build and prototype all things drone. Come and find out why the future is vertical.
  • Qunomedical – promoting accessibility to the best healthcare beyond borders. This Healthtech platform serves more than 10,000 patients a month.
  • Artist’s studio – a widely-acclaimed visual artist who has exhibited at the Barbican and the Imperial War Museum. We invite you to his private Berlin studio.
  • Berlin Partners – a public-private partnership connecting the government to over 280 companies as well as scientific institutions and top investors.

Our visits provide academic, corporate and governmental groups with the opportunity to meet personnel from Berlin’s most exciting companies and discover their business models. Without question, Insider London’s extensive range of Berlin partners covers a wide variety of exciting and creative businesses whilst embracing many new up-and-coming inspiring sectors. Join us and come take a look at BERLIN.

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