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Plug yourself into the vibe of Europe’s most radical and imaginative city - BERLIN.

Berlin is known as the “biggest small city in the world”. Learn the secrets of Berlin’s relentless drive for progress - from software that turns you into a DJ in minutes, to drones that whiz from hospitals to laboratories in seconds and the latest in stylish, sustainable fashion. Walk through colourful and regenerated cityscapes that honour the past while inspiring the future. Discover business activism that is boldly shaping a better future.  

Insider London offers company visits to Berlin’s most innovative and interesting companies.

We also offer fascinating guided tours which are perfectly tailored to corporate events, academic groups and private parties. Quite simply discover just why Berlin is Europe’s best kept secret. 

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Our packages can be arranged for any date or time. Furthermore, we are happy to create a bespoke programme to reflect your specific needs.

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