For graduates looking to prove their commitment, ability and experience, internships are a great opportunity to stand out. Nevertheless, the traditional internship has recently been revamped with increasing numbers of students choosing to go virtual. Beyond the obvious constraints of recent times there are a number of reasons why virtual internships are on the rise.


Travel is extremely difficult at present but in other circumstances many students still look for an international experience without the time and expense of a long trip abroad. In a globalised world, many students aspire for careers with international companies and will later collaborate with colleagues and clients from all around the world. Students with international internship experience can get a taste of international business whilst demonstrating to future employers that they have an appreciation of working practices in other cultures. Wherever students are in the world, an online internship provides a crucial first entry point into the world of international business.

Flexible Hours

Accessibility is increased by the fact that students also do not have to uproot their daily routine or break with all other commitments in order to participate. Especially if your students have other classes or only a certain number of hours available per week? Some virtual internships have different working options, allowing students to participate on a full-time or a part-time basis. This makes the programmes a perfect edition to a business course and a meaningful activity for a summer break without keeping them inside locked to computer screens all day. Remote internships are also project-based. Without the fixed office hours of a traditional internship students must hone their time management skills to complete their tasks to a high level by the structured deadlines in place.

Experience on Offer

Insider London virtual internships not only offer accessible experiences with an international company on a part-time or full-time basis but they also designed to provide a more in-depth business experience. Whilst traditional internships generally see students and graduates involved with minor administrative duties, our interns work on real-world tasks and are guided directly by senior management. Each student will receive personalised feedback, developing their passion, knowledge and skill set for their exciting future career.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch now via contact@insiderlondon.com to find the virtual internship that’s perfect for your class or educational programme.