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Last week Insider London were excited to host a series of virtual company visits for MBA and EMBA students. With three themed days - finance, innovation and digital – students from countries all over the world including Malaysia, India, Egypt, Italy, and the UK joined the sessions. These inspiring live exchanges detailed the company’s business model and the latest industry trends post-pandemic.

First up was Gibran Registe Charles, CEO and founder of the thematic hedge fund, Urban Edge Capital. Gibran discussed the diversity mandate of hedge fund UEC and how soft activism from inside the financial sector can influence corporates as stakeholders. In conversation with attendees he also discussed the most attractive industries to investors post Covid-19, new corporate trends on the horizon and the economic impact of the pandemic.

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Next up was Stephanie Rogers from Entocycle, a cutting-edge biotechnology company. Entocycle addresses the global issue of food insecurity a dangerous problem underlined by the pandemic. Topics included the ground-breaking potential of IoT technology in a laboratory setting, the scalability of agritech start-ups and the changing landscape of the sector. This fantastic innovation session demonstrated hope and potential for the future.

Our final session was presented by Chris Donnelly, CEO and founder of Verb – a global digital marketing agency for luxury brands. With a strong focus on pivoting during the pandemic and in times to come, discussions included the difference between the UK, China and US in terms of the digital marketing sector and in terms of luxury brands.

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Insider London warmly thanks all our engaging speakers and fantastic participants for a fascinating digital conference. We are so excited to continue showcasing the pioneers of the business world and the latest industry trends through dynamic live exchanges. Wherever you are in the world, get in touch today to organise your interactive online session and bring industry discussions to life. Find out more about our great range of webinar speakers from different industries or email via