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The world of shopping and retail design is changing and evolving. Basic concepts such as full length mirrors, atmospheric lighting and simple racks of clothing, that once drew the customers in are no longer having the same impact. Retailers are now having to become inventive, unique and technologically savvy in order to strive in competitive markets and stand out to consumers.

One such company in London that has embraced technology in it’s store, is Burberry’s flagship store, located on Regent Street. Over the impressive four floors, customers are treated to beautiful clothing and innovative ideas aimed at selling clothes and enhancing the shopper experience. The store is home to a 22ft high screen, hundreds of hidden speakers and a stage. What’s more they have ‘magic mirrors’ installed around the store. Small RFID (radio-frequency identification) microchips can be found in some of the clothes and once a customer approaches a mirror, it transforms into a screen. This then displays the making process of the garment, as well as the catwalk look, giving the customer a more detailed insight into the item of clothing they may wish to buy.

But it’s not just Burberry embracing technology along Regent Street, beauty brand Space NK have created a one of a kind concept store, which uses digital technology to promote and sell their products. As well as showcasing their latest beauty must haves, the store also uses digital screens. From how-tos and tutorials shoppers are able to discover more about the products they are buying and how to use them to full effect. Social media is also being used by Space NK in this store, the feature called ‘The Edit’ will showcase trending products, ingredients or colours, based on social media and forecasters predictions. Shopper will be able to get up to date knowledge on popular items whilst shopping, which without technology, would not be as instantaneous and accessible to the average customer.

The traditional mannequin, displayed in almost every clothing shop you’ll walk into, has also been reworked by a company called Headworks to add an extra technological element to the shopping experience. According to their site they are the ‘world’s first intelligent mannequins’ and can be customised to suit any retailers needs. You’ll find a life sized mannequin body combined with a 3D holographic head, which is extremely realistic that aims to engage customers in the way a traditional mannequin cannot.

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By Sage Fitzpatrick