At Insider London, we believe in connecting students with the pulsating heart of industries that shape our digital future. Recently, we had the privilege of hosting a captivating company visit at Level 39, featuring the innovative minds behind io.finnet. Our special guest, io.finnet’s Product Strategy Manager Roshan Daswani, took our students on a journey through his unique career path that led to io.finnet.

Understanding io.finnet’s Vision

Roshan started his career in tax and audit but soon realised he wanted to pursue his passion for technology and innovation. He joined io.finnet in 2019, where he is responsible for developing and executing the product strategy and roadmap. He explained to us what io.finnet is trying to achieve and how they are at the forefront of MPC (multi-party computation). This cutting-edge technology enables the secure computation of encrypted data.

Roshan illuminated us on io.finnet’s ambitious vision and their role as pioneers in Multi Party Computation (MPC). In an ever-evolving digital landscape, io.finnet stands at the forefront of tackling security challenges head-on.

Exploring Innovative Solutions

During the session, we were introduced to three groundbreaking products:

MPC is the core of io.finnet’s products, which are designed to address the challenges and opportunities of the evolving digital landscape. Roshan introduced us to three of their products:

  • an instant settlement platform that uses private blockchain technology to tokenize assets and enable immediate transaction execution. This is especially useful for offshore banks that need to comply with complex regulations and reduce costs.
  • io.vault: a technology that provides a self-custody solution for digital assets by splitting secure keys into multiple shares that can be distributed among trusted parties. This enhances security and reduces the risk of losing access to the assets.
  • io.flow: a global payment aggregator solution that enables enterprises to access a network of payment providers to process multi-currency transactions. This simplifies the payment process and reduces fees and conversion rates.

Connecting Theory with Practice

The visit to io.finnet proved to be an inspiring experience for students, as they were introduced to cutting-edge technologies employed in the company’s products. Furthermore, this visit provided an exceptional opportunity for them to understand the practical applications of blockchain in real-world scenarios. Roshan Daswani’s insights on how io.finnet is pioneering the use of multi-party computation (MPC) to address security challenges in the ever-evolving digital landscape was particularly inspiring. Through, io.vault, and io.flow, students gained insights into how blockchain technology is actively shaping instant settlements, secure key management, and global payment aggregation.

This firsthand exposure not only demystified blockchain but also illuminated its transformative potential in revolutionising financial and digital ecosystems. Overall, such immersive experiences are essential for students aspiring to grasp the intricate intersection of technology and finance and unlock their full potential.

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