In the heart of China’s economic powerhouse, Insider London proudly presents an updated and enriched Shanghai Programme for 2024. Much more than a mere study abroad experience, this in-depth immersive journey goes beyond the conventional, allowing students to absorb the diverse facets of Chinese culture, language, and business dynamics.

Embark on a Journey of Experiential Learning

Our Shanghai Program is meticulously designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the societal, historical, and commercial aspects of China. The programme offers dynamic activities including Mandarin language fundamentals, corporate site visits, day excursions, and culinary experiences. These activities are aimed at giving participants a complete and in-depth understanding of the intricate layers of Chinese culture.

Standout Features Redefining Learning

What sets our programme apart is its commitment to diverse teaching methodologies and an emphasis on experiential learning. Small class sizes ensure a high-quality educational experience where each student receives personalised attention, making learning Mandarin more practical and applicable. Our corporate visits don’t just observe but immerse students in the intricacies of the Chinese business environment, facilitating interaction with industry experts and broadening perspectives.

At the core of our Shanghai Programme is a digitally proficient project team with twelve years of experience managing international exchange programmes. Our experienced instructors qualified to teach Chinese to foreigners, bring their expertise to the fore, ensuring students receive high-quality education.

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Beyond the Classroom: Cultural Experiences Unveiled

As part of the programme, students will delve into Shanghai’s cultural riches through a series of meticulously planned activities. A guided tour of the iconic Bund and Pudong Financial Centres unveils the historical and modern architectural contrasts of Shanghai. Exploring Yu Garden provides insights into traditional Chinese architecture, while a Huangpu River Night Cruise presents the city’s illuminated skyline.

Day trips to ancient water towns like Zhujiajiao and historical sites such as Guangfulin further enrich the cultural tapestry. Engaging in a Chinese calligraphy workshop and participating in a simulated marketplace, where students act as buyers in Best Buyer, ensures a blend of tradition and modernity.

Dine with Locals and Savor Shanghai’s Flavours

Our Chinese Table experience is an inspiring opportunity for students to immerse themselves in the heart of Shanghai and foster cross-cultural understanding. By dining with locals, listening to their stories and enjoying traditional meals, students can explore different cultures’ beauty and enrich their life experiences. Additionally, the Best Food Review activity offers gastronomic adventurers the chance to explore new tastes and articulate their experiences in Mandarin through food reviews, making even the simple act of dining a journey of cultural exploration.

To discover the fantastic opportunities awaiting your group in the Land of the Rising Sun, get in touch now via Our Shanghai Programme is not just a study abroad experience; it’s an adventure, an exploration, and a profound cultural immersion that will stay with students long after they return home. Unlock Shanghai with Insider London!