Gibran Registe-Charles addressing a group of students from the Britsh School of the Netherladns

Last week we had the privilege to hold a fun and practical workshop for IB Economics & Business students from the British School of the Netherlands. This was a fantastic session for budding businessmen and traders which focused on the key principles of trading and asset management.

The workshop facilitator was Gibran Registe-Charles, CEO of Urban Edge Capital – an exciting new hedge fund with a unique focus on Diversity. UEC unlocks urban purchasing power and cultural trends overlooked by the traditional sector. Gibran has an extensive professional background with EFG, Rothschild’s and Morgan Stanley and is also a former FinTech policy advisor in the European Parliament, working within the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee.   The session started with an in-depth presentation on fundamental trading concepts, explaining the stock exchange and defining assets, hedge funds and private equity. Providing a dynamic example of the concepts in practice, Gibran went on to explain the business model of ESG.

After a quick pop quiz which the group passed with flying colours then it was on to trading!

The teams trying their hand at asset trading

With the group divided into teams and each team being given a company, students began negotiating for assets. With different companies searching for a combination of different assets and all playing to win, the heat was on!

We would like to thank the British School of the Netherlands and Gibran Registe-Charles for this fantastic session.

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