thirsty thoughts workshop

Last week we had the great privilege of hosting a Radical Collaboration Workshop for Mexican EMBAs in a Digital Futures Programme at London Business School. This workshop was led by the brilliant minds of Thirsty Thoughts and was held at the prestigious Level 39 at 1 Canada Square.

“A neuroscientist and a roboticist walk into a bar…”

Ed Howell (Managing Director) and Sam Hall (Head of Business Development) from Thirsty Thoughts opened the session by explaining the history behind this ground-breaking drinks innovation agency. The group discovered how an unusual passion project of mind-controlled drinks pouring beer-bots became the perfect attention-grabbing centrepiece at events for world-leading companies.

The group was then invited to try out the most advanced AI and motion-controlled technology for themselves. Connecting to EG brainwaves, the mind-controlled beer-pouring robot was an instant hit! In addition to this, the latest product, Matilda – the gesture-controlled champagne-pouring robot was unveiled for the first time and available for the group to interact with.

thirsty thoughts 2

Next up Seth Jackson (CEO of parent company: Strange Thoughts) and Tom Metcalfe (Head of Product at Strange Thoughts) led a fascinating presentation on the use of emerging technology in brand storytelling. Seth explained the creative process of Radical Collaboration step-by-step, outlining the key methodology that get creative juices flowing on the path to innovation.

This multi-media presentation took the group on a lively journey into the minds of inventors and creators through a series of hilarious and memorable brand advertising stories. These brands came from a wide variety of sectors and in each case, Seth and Tom explained the remarkable creative process behind each brand story.

After another breakout session of interactive play with the drinks robots, the group divided into three sub-groups for three different quick-fire workshops. Each workshop was led by different members of the team who rotated so each sub-group engaged with each key theme. Sam & Ed explored how to reap the benefits of diversity of opinion, Tom delved into human-centred design, whilst Seth focused on exploring applications of technology.

thirsty thoughts 3

We would like to warmly thank all who participated in the workshop: the wonderful EMBA students, London Business School and of course the amazing minds of Thirsty Thoughts.

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