On the 25th May, we had the privilege of taking bright young students from Likokwing University to the striking BP Trading HQ in Canary Wharf. We were welcomed into the space by a proud team of women in leadership, Lucy Counsell from the HR Team and Graduate Recruitment, Kathryn Upson from the strategy team, and Melanie Ashley from Training and Development who had been working with BP for decades.


Lucy and Melanie discussed the role of the global giant BP Trading, in meeting global energy demand, and providing innovative solutions in a complex market. With 280 traders worldwide and partners in 140 countries, a vast array of opportunities lie ahead for students from a wide variety of academic subject backgrounds, in terms of both summer internships and graduate opportunities. Melanie discussed the wealth of experience in different jobs offered to successful applicants who benefit from a rotation system to try their hands in different fields.


We were then introduced to two talented young women on BP’s school leaver and graduate programme who gave us a behind-the-scenes tour, including an exciting trip to the fast-paced trading floors. Upon our return, the morning was rounded off with an introductory session to life on the trading floor.

The diverse group of students jumped head-first into an exciting trading simulation. Even students who stated they had never considered a career in trading became gripped as the game commenced and all had a chance to employ their newly-learnt trading vocabulary. This was an inspiring day for students and staff, discovering the unique possibilities at a twenty-first century corporation dedicated to equal opportunities and moving into the future.


Insider London would like to thank BP Trading for hosting the event and to Limkokwing University for joining us for such an engaging and memorable day.