Mixed Reality Rooms (MRR) is a B2B company that specialises in creating innovative virtual and augmented reality experiences for its clients. In a recent company visit with marketing and communication students, MRR’s CEO, Sam Hall, shared his insights on how MRR is revolutionising the way people interact with brands and products.

Understanding Mixed Realty Rooms

Sam started by telling us about the numerous entrepreneurial projects he had been involved in, including fun ventures like Thirsty Thoughts and mind and gesture-controlling robots. However, the onset of COVID-19 in 2020 changed everything for Sam, and he thought about taking a “proper” job. And yet, his entrepreneurial spirit prevailed, and with his business partner Charlie Daly, they brainstormed and created a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) for Mixed Reality Rooms.

Sam emphasised that the marketing world has shifted into a community-driven one and how MRR is different from other marketing approaches, like account-based marketing or experience-based marketing. MRR allows clients to say goodbye to “Zoom gloom” and create dynamic, memorable, and relevant touchpoints with their remote audience. With MRR, brand recall increases by 70% (according to Ogilvy), and it can be utilised across the entire marketing funnel, from new business marketing to customer marketing and partner marketing.

The Metrics Behind the Magic

Sam explained the workings of MRR at the top of the funnel, where it nurtures new accounts and introduces them to the brand through gamified immersive experiences. The process involves inviting prospects to participate in solo-led or grouped missions and rewarding them for completing them. MRR captures unique intent data and creates warmer sales conversations, allowing the brand to stand out from its competition.

In customer and partner marketing, MRR extends the reach of accounts and strengthens relationships with new stakeholders. MRR provides an alternative to traditional emails, decks, and webinars that often go unread or unwatched. Instead, MRR takes colleagues into an immersive environment to share successes and introduce new themes, which generates demand in other departments, helps build a case pipeline, and expands the team.

MRR1.jpg Mixed Reality Rooms

Embracing the Future

Looking ahead, MRR plans to integrate with gifting technologies and make mixed-reality campaigns more scalable and data-driven. Sam encouraged students to pursue their goals, find great people to work with, and not be afraid of failure. The future of marketing and communication is exciting with MRR leading the way and transforming the industry.

Sam shared his tips for marketing and communication success, including the importance of focusing on one growth channel, making bold improvements, simplifying everything, prioritising distribution, listening to customers, and surrounding oneself with great people. He also gave life advice, reminding students that everyone experiences ups and downs at different times and to be prepared to look bad in order to eventually become great.

In conclusion, Sam Hall’s talk was an eye-opener for marketing and communication students. MRR’s approach to marketing and communication is innovative and sets it apart from other traditional methods. With its gamified immersive experiences, unique intent data capturing, and scalable mixed-reality campaigns, MRR is changing the way people interact with brands and products. The future looks bright for MRR, and we can’t wait to see what the company will come up with next.

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