Recently we had a fantastic opportunity to host a company visit at Level39, a tech hub in the financial district of Canary Wharf, with Suman Ramakrishnan, CEO and founder of Furious Fox. Furious Fox delivers solutions and products to versatile industries such as fintech, health tech, retail, and service sectors.

During the first part of the presentation, Suman gave us an overview of himself and his background in IT consulting and product management prior to funding Furious Fox in 2016. At the core of the business is an array of services from digital product development: SaaS, web/mobile app development, and digital marketing, as well as data engineering, AI and cloud architecture.

Suman then went into great detail and explained in principle how Furious Fox works with start-ups and entrepreneurs in digital products and services; or to help them scale up by redefining their business model. Suman gave an example of how companies, that develop new digital products or services, use Furious Fox to take their initial idea and put it through Business Idea Validation, a method of gathering evidence through experimentation to make informed decisions. For a company to make an informed decision, idea validation is the best way to de-risk and speed up decision-making. He gave us a step-by-step guide on how Business Idea Validation works in principle. First is defining the goal, followed by developing the hypothesis, and finally prototyping and validation.

At this point, students attending the visit had questions about the validation process. Why would companies choose a third party to do it rather than do it in-house? Suman elaborated that many start-ups don’t realise that their business needs a critical view as many founders tend to be very passionate and not self-critical. Furious Fox’s role is to remove personal factors from the process and apply criteria such as being ruthlessly critical, keeping the validation process simple, involving the right target audience, and learning from others’ mistakes.

Suman next focused on Design Thinking and Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Depending on the client that Furious Fox has, the next step after the idea has been validated is Design Thinking - a solutions-based process which empowers creatives to think more deeply about human-centric problems. Suman illustrated how Furious Fox uses Design Thinking as part of the process to develop and build a true MVP, which has an empathetic design and is usable, reliable and functional.

The final part of the visit was dedicated to UI and UX Design and how Furious Fox Uses agile methodology as their framework for software development. The student found the application of ‘scrum’ as part of Furious Fox’s product development process most interesting. Suman told us what ‘scrum’ was: “Scrum is an application of an agile methodology that defines how we manage work in progress through the breaking down of big deliveries into smaller manageable chunks or sprints”.

We concluded with Suman describing Furious Fox’s role in testing, quality assurance, support and maintenance. Suman emphasised how continued evolution for their clients adds further improvements to their mobile app based on customer and user feedback. Adding user-centric features, automation, and additions to data analytics and AI adds value to the solutions.

Insider London is proud to partner with Furios Fox. For a bespoke Company Visit to get further insight into how Furious Fox brings together innovation, design, and technology to collaborate and create exceptional products and solutions, contact us via contact@insiderlondon.com