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1. The EUREF Campus in Berlin

Home to around 150 companies and institutions with a total of 3,500 staff, EUREF brings together global players, start-ups, government and academics into a single hub. The EU funded project is the only hub of its kind in Europe, with the mission of designing, testing and applying smart city technology. This innovative business eco-system demonstrates that the transition to a sustainable and connected future is affordable and feasible.

This is demonstrated not only by the projects and companies located at EUREF but also by the campus itself. The “real world urban laboratory” puts into practice the latest technology to create a model urban district. Campus energy is generated by 100% renewable resources (geo-thermal, wind, solar and biogas) and distributed by a micro grid into intelligent buildings. The pilot district boasts Germany’s largest solar charging station for EVs, and autonomous vehicles have been put into use throughout the site.

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2. Hydrogen powered trains

In 2018 Germany rolled out the world’s first hydrogen-powered train – the iLint. This rare hydrail system is being hailed by many as the future of low carbon or carbon zero rail services. In a hydrogen fuel cell, hydrogen and an oxidant combine to generate electricity. The only by-product is water, which in theory should be clean enough to drink - a far cry from the dirty diesel used by regular trains. Germany currently operates the only two hydrogen rail services in the world. As other countries look on with interest then the German service is set to expand to another 14 states by 2021. It seems highly likely that Berlin will soon be the first hydro-connected European capital.

3. AI Powered Trams

2018 also saw Germany quietly launch another world-first in sustainable transport – driverless trams. In Potsdam, just west of Berlin, this remarkable technology represents an important milestone in smart city technology. A combination of radar, lasers and camera sensors form “digital eyes”which record the entire journey, enabling the tram to react to signals and hazards faster than any human.

Come and discover the cutting-edge of urban mobility and smart city technology. Join us in Berlin and meet the rising tech start-ups who are set to transform our world.