In stark contrast to the West End, Shoreditch has a unique vibe and energy of London’s East End. It’s a creative and technology hub of London as well as home to an eclectic – and often eccentric – array of attractions, including street art, unique shops; and of course, artisan coffee.

Everchanging Street Art

Coming out of Shoreditch High Street station you’ll get an instant taste of the neighbourhood from commissioned street art pieces and signature finds.

Each time you walk the streets here, the art comes to you. Because of the temporary and high turnover nature of it, there’s always something that makes you stop in your tracks and discover new art and artists. In 2021 and 2022, very unique pieces by a Japanese street artist ENIGM (Enigma) started popping up in Shoreditch. His surreal and distorted pieces do stand out from the rest. A lot of street art is awash with pretty but very average photorealistic portraits, there is a huge gap for new artists like Enigma to buck the trend, to not follow fashion.


Enigma has thus far had few gallery outings in London; what has been seen indicates his street art translates beautifully onto rough canvas, as spotted at the Secret Life Gallery in Shoreditch last year.

Trendy Shopping

Shoreditch is a hotspot where the most quirky and creative homegrown brands set up shop. Trendy labels have been doing things differently here creating unique retail experiences for their customers. Vogue called Redchurch Street in Shoreditch “the coolest street in London” and “the Bond Street of the East”.


Moreover, brands here are well-positioned for the challenges posed by new retail trends in 2022, as Kyle Monk, director of Insight at the British Retail Consortium (BRC) states:

“At a time when consumer behaviours are changing fast, customer experience is more important than ever, so brands will have to work harder to emotionally engage with consumers and retain loyalty”

In Shoreditch, you’ll find brands like Nudie Jeans, who embraced sustainable fashion and dared to put it at the core of their business model; as well as established retailers, including Adidas, with their unique concept flagship store, which reflects local originality and creativity.

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