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Revisiting Silicon Roundabout


This week we revisit Silicon Roundabout to check on the tech hub in London’s East End. For those who are not familiar with it, Silicon Roundabout is nestled between the financial district to its South and Shoreditch, to its East - a world-renowned creative hub for art, tech, and advertising. This positioning is one of many factors contributing to its irresistible appeal, both for big corporates and the countless start-ups that continue to sprout up in the area.

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Shoreditch Street Art and Retail


In stark contrast to the West End, Shoreditch has a unique vibe and energy of London’s East End. It’s a creative and technology hub of London as well as home to an eclectic – and often eccentric – array of attractions, including street art, unique shops; and of course, artisan coffee.

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Interview with LOKE Global - the company behind AI Driven Marketing Super APP

Matt_Loke_Blog@800x-50.jpg Matthew Khoury, CEO of LOKE

This week we had a great pleasure to interview Matthew Khoury, CEO of LOKE Global, who gave us a fascinating insight into LOKE’s intelligent payment solution which retains customers for their clients through AI-driven target marketing.

IL: How did you start LOKE Global, tell us a bit more about your business and its unique value proposition?

MK: LOKE is a globally focused, data-driven technology company, headquartered in the United Kingdom (UK), providing a sales and marketing platform to the hospitality and retail industry designed to increase revenue by predicting and influencing customer purchase behaviour.

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Introducing IP21 - Protecting Your Innovation


This week we are publishing the first part of an interview we conducted with Dr Rachel Daniel and Ed Clarke from IP21, a leading law firm specialising in intellectual property services. They told us why building a sustainable IP portfolio is important to protect start-ups’ innovation, and how IP21 helps entrepreneurs succeed and gain competitive advantage. You can follow IP21 on LinkedIn.

IL: IP21 is a very well-established firm specialising in a range of intellectual property services. Could you describe the ins-and-outs of what you do?

IP21: The core of our work is in helping our clients obtain worthwhile protection for their innovations, product designs and branding using the IP system. A key value-add for us is helping our clients build a strategy for building a sustainable IP portfolio over time, in tune with their commercial strategies, needs and resources.

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