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London street art – Broken Fingaz Crew interview

**Despite their name suggesting a problem with actually holding their necessary tools,  **_Broken Fingaz Crew – _Israel’s pre-eminent street artists – have been conquering walls throughout the world for nigh-on twelve years. And recently they returned to the smoke  to contribute some of their unique work to the East London street art scene (including down the road from my old house in Dalston). **Being lovely people they also agreed to answer a few of our questions.**

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Did James Bond get lost on the Underground?

Naturally there’s been a lot of hype surrounding the 23rd James Bond film, Skyfall, which was released on 26th October. A considerable section of the film was shot in London, and if you’ve seen it you may have noticed that one of the key scenes takes place in Temple underground station. Did you notice, however, that the tube station in the shots isn’t actually Temple? Well we’re massive tube geeks. So we did notice…

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