Street Artist Spotlight – Thierry Noir

Thierry Noir shot to fame in the 80s when he decided the old Berlin Wall was looking a bit shabby and that the whole totalitarian state thing needed a bit of zhoozh. I do not seek to make unnecessary light of such a horror – thank goodness, frankly, for people like Thierry seeking to demystify the dehumanising effect of the wall. And it was joyous poetry that the man himself was not only there to see it come down but was also one of the first to paint the East side.

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London street art – Broken Fingaz Crew interview

**Despite their name suggesting a problem with actually holding their necessary tools,  **_Broken Fingaz Crew – _Israel’s pre-eminent street artists – have been conquering walls throughout the world for nigh-on twelve years. And recently they returned to the smoke  to contribute some of their unique work to the East London street art scene (including down the road from my old house in Dalston). **Being lovely people they also agreed to answer a few of our questions.**

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Street Art…. Mushrooms

Mushrooms. Street art. Know what I mean? Chances are, if you’ve spent any time walking round East London and looked heavenwards for inspiration, you will have been greeted by… mushrooms. Christiaan Nagel is the man behind them, on a one-man mushroom, sorry mission, __to ‘cover the world in mushrooms’.

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