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Unifi.id: Pioneering Movement Intelligence with IoT

IMG-20240415-WA0002.jpg Paul Sheedy, CEO and founder of Unifi.id

Unifi.id is an innovative company that is revolutionising how we understand and utilise data in physical spaces. Their mission is to provide seamless data solutions for smarter, more efficient, and more sustainable buildings and cities. As Insider London proudly partners with Unifi.id, we delve into their innovative technology and its transformative impact on modern buildings.

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Unveiling Deliveroo: From London Startup to Global Unicorn


In the vibrant tapestry of London’s startup ecosystem, few success stories shine as brightly as Deliveroo. In 2013, Deliveroo emerged as a trailblazer in the food delivery industry, completely transforming the way people enjoy dining in the comfort of their homes. Today, we proudly announce our partnership with Deliveroo, providing exclusive opportunities for people to explore the inspiring journey of this remarkable enterprise.

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Higher Education in Japan: A Beacon of Excellence


In the dynamic tapestry of global academia, Japan stands tall as a beacon of excellence, renowned for its esteemed institutions and pioneering research initiatives. As we delve into the realm of higher education in Japan, we uncover the unique factors that have propelled it to the forefront of academic excellence in Asia and beyond.

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Driving Economic Growth: The Bank of Japan and the Japan Exchange Group


Japan, a nation renowned for its technological innovation, advanced infrastructure, and vibrant culture, has been a key player in the global economy. Central to its economic prowess are institutions like the Bank of Japan and the Japan Exchange Group. We delve into the pivotal roles played by these institutions in shaping Japan’s economic landscape, and how our bespoke Tokyo Programme offers an immersive experience in this dynamic environment.

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