This post is part of an ongoing series that will keep you up to speed with London’s newest and most engaging street artists. Here we’ve been looking at 616…

616 is an up and coming street artist based right here in London. He follows the trend of many other artists, utilising a wide range of materials in each of their pieces of work. His pieces often feature at least a wallpaper-pasted illustration, with ink pens or spray-paint to create the finishing touches.

616’s pieces are recognisable for their intricate, but strange illustrations. The artist sketches animals and other unusual creatures, including slugs and skulls with golden teeth, and his gothic style “616” tag only adds to the mystery surrounding the man behind the pseudonym. 616 creates his street art on a number of scales, from a small drawn sticker to a huge spray-painted sheet of tarpaulin. This, along with his unique style, means that none of 616’s pieces fail to catch the eyes of passers-by.


The artist has recently created several large-scale pieces using a paint filled fire extinguisher, and notably produced a “Never forget” piece for Remembrance Day, complete with poppies painted in his typically striking style.

616’s work appears all across London, however he appears to concentrate his time around Hackney and Shoreditch. So, if you’re visiting or shopping in the area, keep your eyes peeled for one of 616’s pieces of street art!

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