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This week we are having a look at an exciting new tower, designed by the architect WilkinsonEyre, currently nearing its completion in the ‘eastern cluster’, where the majority of the City of London’s high-rise buildings are situated.

8 Bishopsgate

The 50-story tower on the corner of two of the most prominent streets in London is planned to be opened this year. Also known as 150 Leadenhall Street, this tower is located immediately south of Twentytwo and west of Cheesegrater.

The tower is composed of a series of stacked blocks. This distinctive design makes it possible to add outdoor spaces for office workers on the floors high above the ground. The building has a unique form with high-quality tactile materials like wood and marble with elegant detailing. In total 913,000 square feet will be available for workspace, with street-level retail and a pavilion on the 50th floor will include a viewing gallery free to access for the public.

“Distinctive facades emphasise each section of the building, creating a visually striking landmark”, WilkinsonEyre

Sustainable Architecture

According to the site developer, “8 Bishopsgate is founded on the UN Sustainable development goals and follows the guidance of the RIBA 2030 challenge. The design has been developed to achieve both low embodied carbon and be low-carbon in operation”. The new building is targeting an “outstanding” mark for the BREEAM sustainable assessment to become the most sustainable office tower in the country. To achieve that the building has a series of unique features. Here are some of them:

60% of annual heat demand is met by recycling heat rejected from the cooling system

Harvested rainwater is going to be filtered and reused for irrigation and toilet flushing to reduce water consumption.

It’s going to have the highest solar panels in London securing PV arrays at heights of 200m.

Floor-by-floor air provision that is filtered and controlled locally. Up to 18 litres of fresh air per person per second can be directed to where it is needed on the floor plates.

Highly energy-efficient facades include light-responsive blinds that allow daylight while controlling glare and reducing cooling demands by 5%.

To promote biodiversity, flourishing greenery with evergreens and seasonal blooms is going to frame one of the building’s ‘stacks’ adding 15,000 sq ft of landscaped outdoor space.

One of the largest bike parks in London, with 961 cycle parking spaces, and 680 lockers.

More to Come

This is just one of many innovative buildings that are being built in the City. With many more being approved and planned, it’s exciting news to see how London’s investment in modern and sustainable architecture is booming. We will of course cover all of those exciting new projects in future articles

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