At Insider London, we are thrilled to introduce a dynamic addition to our educational programme: the Venture Capital Workshop. This workshop, conducted in collaboration with Guinness Ventures, immerses students in the intricate world of venture capital investment and provides a career pathway into the exciting world of venture capital.

Guinness Ventures is renowned for providing growth capital to innovative, fast-growing companies and their expertise will offer invaluable insights into the investment process. Their award-winning investment management team specialises in sourcing opportunities in growth-stage companies, helping them unlock their significant potential. Beyond financial investment, they provide resources and network support to the companies they back. With more than £255 million in assets under management, Guinness Ventures focuses on scale-up and Series A capital for exciting growth companies

Business Model and Investment Opportunities

The Venture Capital Workshop is designed to foster critical thinking, collaborative discussion, and practical decision-making. The format begins with students understanding the business model outlined in the investment deck. They must determine if they can clearly articulate what the business does. Based on the provided information and their knowledge, students decide if they would invest £3 million in the venture. Each group reaches a consensus and identifies the key opportunities and potential risks associated with the investment.

Factors that could change their investment decision and critical questions they would ask to either confirm or disprove their investment thesis are also discussed. After approximately 20 minutes, each group presents their initial investment decision and the rationale behind it. The workshop then delves into a detailed discussion of the identified opportunities and risks, allowing for a deeper understanding of each group’s reasoning.

Importance of a Clear Investment Thesis

Emphasising the importance of having a clear investment thesis, students learn to maintain focus and avoid getting sidetracked by irrelevant details. The discussion highlights the positives of high client retention rates, new customer acquisitions, proven scalability through successful international expansion, strong financial performance, technological edge, regulatory support enhancing ESG activities, and competitive investment interest from other funds.

Conversely, it addresses potential negatives like misrepresentation of core information, underperformance during the diligence period, lack of competitive interest from other investors, and challenges in working relationships during the investment period. The workshop concludes with a discussion on progressing the investment opportunity through focused and strategic questioning.

Enhancing Analytical Skills

This Venture Capital Workshop provides students with a realistic and engaging experience of the venture capital process. By simulating the evaluation of an investment opportunity, students gain invaluable insights into the decision-making criteria used by venture capitalists, enhancing their analytical skills and preparing them for real-world financial and investment challenges.

Participants leave the workshop with a deeper understanding of the complexities of venture capital and are better equipped to make informed investment decisions. This interactive learning experience fosters a collaborative environment where students can learn from each other and seasoned industry professionals.

Join us at Insider London as we continue to innovate and expand our educational offerings including workshops and company visits, providing students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the ever-evolving world of business and finance. To book the Venture Capital Workshop, reach out to us via