DOVU- the future of mobility

Last week we had the pleasure of taking an outstanding group of students from the University of Indiana to visit an exciting new smart cities start-up: DOVU. The group, with a variety of business related majors, met with two of DOVU’s core team: Max Lomuscio, Head of Growth, and Melissa Tate, Head of Commercial. The session was hosted by Runway East, the cutting-edge tech community at the prestigious Finsbury Square.

Max and Melissa introduced their innovative use of blockchain technology and its advantageous potential for building smart contracts before discussing smart cities and the future of mobility services. The fascinating presentation featured hot topics of twenty-first century transport including the growth of shared commuting, the changing customer experience and the transition from a service-based experience to a product-based experience.

future innovation and mobility

With an additional 2.5 billion people estimated to move into cities by 2030, DOVU strives to address acute problems such as congestion, reliance on single-use vehicles and the need to reduce emissions. With unique use of cryptocurrency DOVU works to simultaneously incentivise individuals to raise our collective quality of life whilst increasing individual agency over personal data.

The team went on to explain DOVU’s growth through partner programmes with leading automotive companies such as BMW and Volvo, as well as funding from Jaguar Land Rover. Students were then able to try out the latest version of the DOVU beta stage app before engaging in a lively Q&A session with the team.

Image of student trying out app

A huge thank you to all participants who engaged in the session and to the wonderful DOVU team. This is a company with their eyes on the future of urban living.

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