We are excited to share that Insider London has partnered with The Guardian, one of the world’s leading news organisations. We recently had the privilege to host students from the United States, who experienced the journalistic insight firsthand. This collaboration is designed to open doors for students, providing them with invaluable insights and the chance to kick-start their careers in journalism and media

A Brief History of The Guardian

Established in 1821, The Guardian has a rich history as a champion of independent journalism. Initially named The Manchester Guardian, it started as a weekly advocating for political reform. Over time, The Guardian has grown into a global news source, known for its fearless investigative journalism, thorough analysis, and dedication to social justice. Today, it stands as a pillar of the free press, providing a wide range of news, opinion pieces, and multimedia content to millions of readers worldwide.

The Guardian is also recognised for its commitment to progressive values and its unwavering pursuit of truth and accountability. It has been at the forefront of some of the most significant investigative journalism in recent history, including the Edward Snowden revelations about mass surveillance by the NSA and the Panama Papers, which exposed global tax evasion practices. These groundbreaking investigations highlight The Guardian’s dedication to impactful journalism that holds power to account.

The Partnership: What It Means for You

The visit to The Guardian’s offices provided students from Bentley University with an exceptional learning experience. They had the unique opportunity to meet the media professional and gain firsthand insights into the operations of a major news outlet. The students got an insider’s view of The Guardian’s newsroom, witnessed the hustle and bustle of news production, and saw how stories are crafted from inception to publication. By engaging with the speaker and asking questions, they built connections that could be pivotal for their future careers. This experience was designed to give them a taste of the real-world challenges and rewards of working in media.

Kick-Start Your Media Career

This partnership is not just about observing but actively participating and learning. Whether you’re a student with a passion for journalism, a budding media professional, or someone considering a career change, our company visit at The Guardian provides the tools, insights, and experiences you need to succeed. By the end of the visit, you’ll have a deeper understanding of the media landscape, a portfolio of work to showcase your skills, and valuable contacts to help you take the next step in your career.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to learn from the best in the business. Join us on this journey of discovery of media with Insider London and book your visit today. For more information contact us at