**Dalston offers a great selection of coffee shops, bars, resturants and clubs. But the area actually has a few hidden gems when it comes to shopping. This is the first part in a new series that puts the spotlight on those Dalston-based retail havens. This week we’re starting with the HUH store Dalston.

The warm and stylish interoir of the HUH. store

The HUH store in Dalston is an offshoot of the very popular online arts, culture, fashion, design and lifestyle website of the same name. The store is a carefully curated mix of men’s and women’s clothing with some homeware/accessories.

Speaking to Robyn Ross, Retail Director at the HUH store, she explains the ethos behind the store: “The store basically represents our tastes. We believe in classic, practical and stylish design, no frills. As the store develops we also hope to support new English brands alongside the more established names, creating an interesting and unique shopping experience!”

Warm up with a Caravan coffee, whilst you browse

Opened a year ago by Jack Lowe and Ross, the HUH store was one of the first clothing retailers to open in Dalston. Robyn says of the area: “Dalston has been steadily ‘coming up’ over the past three years or so and we felt it was really the only place to establish ourselves as a current, interesting and different retailer. There’s a great sense of community in the area, as well as a lot of exciting creative opportunities”.

The store has a great mix of brands, and amongst others currently stocks Percival, Libertine Libertine, Norse Projects, Pointer, Herschel and Carhartt. With an offering like this, and the warm and inviting space that the store occupies offering an uncomplicated and stylish place to shop, the HUH. store is definitely worth a visit. Even if it’s just for a chat with Robyn and Jack, whilst you sip one of their excellent Caravan coffees, this Dalston store is a must.

HUH Store
56 Stoke Newington Road
N16 7XB