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Insider London is proud to round off a 4-Week Company Project in partnership with innovative hedge fund, Urban Edge Capital. Using a live trading platform, this programme gave students the opportunity to experience real life as a hedge fund manager with inspiring interaction from Gibran Registe-Charles, the CEO of Urban Edge Capital. Throughout the programme Gibran shared career advice, and industry insight – including his analysis of the GameStop events as they unfolded.

Following introductions, in week one students explored the concepts of risk and reward. As well as delving into risk measurement the group reflected on their risk appetite and how this may affect their future career choice. The following week explored the specific operations of a hedge fund as well as the concept of a portfolio theme. Students began reflecting on their own knowledge and passions and made the first step into portfolio construction. Gibran discussed the Urban Capital’s ESG theme; why this was chosen, how it is assessed and the future growth of this investment trend.

In the second half of the programme, students dived into the fundamentals of portfolio construction and tracking. The sessions explored investment strategies, the valuation of companies, long/short and more. The competition began with each team selecting their stocks and building their portfolios based on their chosen theme and stock analysis. Tracking their stocks over a seven-day period, in Week 4 the winning team was crowned based on their returns or losses. To round off the programme, each team explored their performance and looked at why their portfolio succeeded or failed in the time frame.

Insider London is proud to work with Urban Edge Capital on 4-Week Company Projects as well as for company visits – online and in-person. Get in touch now via contact@insiderlondon.com to find out more.