This week, we’re exploring Takeshita Street in Tokyo’s Harajuku district. It’s a famous spot for its lively mix of fashion, culture, anime, food, and “kawaii” charm that attracts visitors from all over the world. The history of Takeshita Street dates back to the 1970s when it was a small street lined with traditional Japanese houses. It didn’t become popular among young people until the 1990s when affordable and trendy fashion shops started to appear. Nowadays, it’s a vibrant and bustling street that encourages creativity and self-expression, drawing in a diverse range of individuals to explore its unique offerings.

A Glimpse into Takeshita Street’s Vibrant Culture

At the heart of Takeshita Street’s allure lies its deep connection to Japanese anime culture. The street serves as a hub for anime enthusiasts and fashionistas alike, offering a diverse array of anime-themed merchandise, cosplay shops, and themed cafes. As visitors stroll down Takeshita Street, they’ll encounter iconic characters from their favourite anime series, showcased in vibrant storefront displays and enticing merchandise.

The relationship between anime and fashion is a long-standing phenomenon, which has gained immense popularity worldwide due to its imaginative storylines and artistic visuals. The interconnectivity between anime and fashion is more profound than many realise. One of the most apparent manifestations of this relationship is the practice of cosplay, where fans dress up as their favourite anime characters from head to toe.

From high-end designer brands to vintage clothing, Takeshita Street caters to every fashion lover’s needs. The street is particularly famous for its Harajuku fashion, characterised by bright colours, bold patterns, and unique accessories. Visitors can find a variety of styles, from Lolita dresses to punk-inspired fashion, on this street.

Takeshita Street also celebrates creativity through its yearly painting competition. This event offers emerging artists a chance to display their skills and enhance the street’s energetic vibe. The top artworks are featured on a prominent display at the entrance, offering a window into the community’s rich artistic diversity. Such endeavours not only add depth to the cultural fabric of Takeshita Street but also promote unity and cooperative spirit among both creators and onlookers.


Unique Brands on Takeshita Street

Capsule Labs

At Capcom’s Capsule Lab, excitement awaits as visitors select from a range of vending machines, each adorned with beloved comic book heroes. With the drop of a coin, they’re guaranteed a surprise toy connected to their chosen character. The charm of Capsule Lab extends beyond the simple transaction; it’s a treasure trove of collectables from your cherished anime series. The thrill is in the mystery – you never know which delightful figurine will tumble out next. Collectors might spin again and again, some in pursuit of the full ensemble, others in hopes of finding that one special character they adore.

Dog Cafe Rio

Step into the whimsical world of Dog Cafe Rio, where coffee and cuddles with furry friends blend into an unforgettable experience. This haven for dog devotees twists the cafe concept into a playful romp with pooches, making it an ideal spot for those who adore their four-legged companions.

Marion Crepes

In Japan, crepes are like the rock stars of street food. People have been loving them for over four decades, way before smartphones were even a thing. They’ve got a huge fan base that’s still growing, even without the help of Instagram or other social media. These crepes are so thin and yummy that they steal everyone’s heart. Take Marion Crepes, for example, a culinary pioneer who’s been flipping pancakes since 1976. They took the classic European crepe and gave it a Japanese makeover, stuffing it with vibrant fruits and scoops of ice cream. And forget the formalities of cutlery; these crepes roll up into a handy cone, letting you indulge in a walking dessert adventure as you explore the local boutiques.


Insider London’s Tokyo Programme

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