Japan, a nation renowned for its technological innovation, advanced infrastructure, and vibrant culture, has been a key player in the global economy. Central to its economic prowess are institutions like the Bank of Japan and the Japan Exchange Group. We delve into the pivotal roles played by these institutions in shaping Japan’s economic landscape, and how our bespoke Tokyo Programme offers an immersive experience in this dynamic environment.

The Bank of Japan: A Pillar of Stability

As the central bank of Japan, the BoJ plays a vital role in ensuring the stability and growth of the Japanese economy. Its monetary control measures are aimed at achieving price stability, which is fundamental for the sound development of the national economy. The BoJ expertly manages interest rates, controls the money supply, and oversees the country’s financial system.

Despite the unprecedented challenges posed by the global economy in the last four years, Japan and the BoJ have remained resilient. The BoJ promptly responded with its enhanced US dollar operations, ensuring the availability of foreign currency to support the economy during these challenging times. Additionally, the BoJ maintained monetary easing, and its key interest rate remained at minus 0.1%, providing much-needed support to the economy. The BoJ’s confidence in its measures is a testament to its unwavering commitment to the Japanese economy.

Japan Exchange Group: Driving Economic Growth

Japan Exchange Group is an indispensable platform that enables companies to raise capital and investors to trade securities. Japan Exchange Group (JPX) was created as part of a merger of The Tokyo Stock Exchange with the Osaka Securities Exchange in 2012. This move represented a significant step towards the consolidation and globalisation of Japan’s financial markets1. It allowed for greater competitiveness on a global scale, especially against other major global exchanges1 It plays a pivotal role in driving economic growth by providing companies with access to capital, facilitating investment opportunities, and fostering innovation.

The contribution of JPX towards economic recovery is unmatched. It creates confidence in corporate earnings growth and provides attractive valuations for the Japanese stock market. It encourages companies to focus on achieving sustainable growth and enhancing corporate value, especially those with a price-to-book ratio of less than one. JPX aims to create intellectual property and intangible assets by urging companies to invest in research and development and human capital, which will contribute to sustainable growth. The strategic initiative of JPX to promote sustainable growth and corporate value is the need of the hour and will undoubtedly benefit the Japanese economy in the long run.


Insider London’s Tokyo Programme: An Immersive Experience

The Bank of Japan and the Japan Exchange Group are integral to Japan’s economic growth and stability. Through monetary control, response to crises, and initiatives to enhance corporate value, these institutions play a pivotal role in shaping Japan’s economic future.

Our bespoke Tokyo Programme offers participants an immersive experience in the vibrant business landscape of Tokyo. From corporate visits to the Bank of Japan and the Japan Exchange Group to cultural experiences that showcase the rich history and traditions of Japan, our programme provides a comprehensive understanding of Japan’s economic and cultural fabric.

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