Discover Tokyo: The Command Centre of the Global Economy


Are you ready to explore one of the most dynamic and exciting cities in the world? If so, join us at Insider London as we take you on a journey to discover the secrets of Tokyo, the command centre of the global economy and Japan’s leading financial and industrial hub. Tokyo is more than just a metropolis of neon lights and crowded streets. It is a business powerhouse that combines innovation, tradition and culture uniquely. You will get to see how Tokyo operates behind the scenes, from the government to the private sector, and learn from some of the most successful companies and institutions in the world.

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Shoreditch Street Art and Retail


In stark contrast to the West End, Shoreditch has a unique vibe and energy of London’s East End. It’s a creative and technology hub of London as well as home to an eclectic – and often eccentric – array of attractions, including street art, unique shops; and of course, artisan coffee.

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London’s Most Haunted Theatres

Alongside New York’s Broadway, the West-End in London is renowned for producing the best in commercial theatre. Head to the West-End and you’ll see historic, grade-listed theatres on every corner. These theatres are steeped in history, some dating back as far as the 17th century. With a theatre district full of old buildings with long histories, there are bound to be some ghost and ghouls lurking in the dressing rooms at night.

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Street Artist Spotlight – Thierry Noir

Thierry Noir shot to fame in the 80s when he decided the old Berlin Wall was looking a bit shabby and that the whole totalitarian state thing needed a bit of zhoozh. I do not seek to make unnecessary light of such a horror – thank goodness, frankly, for people like Thierry seeking to demystify the dehumanising effect of the wall. And it was joyous poetry that the man himself was not only there to see it come down but was also one of the first to paint the East side.

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London street art – Broken Fingaz Crew interview

**Despite their name suggesting a problem with actually holding their necessary tools,  **_Broken Fingaz Crew – _Israel’s pre-eminent street artists – have been conquering walls throughout the world for nigh-on twelve years. And recently they returned to the smoke  to contribute some of their unique work to the East London street art scene (including down the road from my old house in Dalston). **Being lovely people they also agreed to answer a few of our questions.**

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Shoreditch Bars: A drinker’s guide

Shoreditch has in recent years been overshadowed by its near neighbours. But if you’re sick of Dalston and fancy an after work drink, an interesting place to take a date or a full blown night out, why not give Shoreditch another chance? This part of London is packed with pubs and bars, and still has an enviable offering for the urban explorer inside us who is striving to find something different and less over-subscribed.

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