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We are proud to present a ‘command centre’ for the world economy and Japan’s leading industrial centre: TOKYO. Behind the neon lights and through the bustling crowds lies a business capital like no other.

This highly diversified manufacturing base is also Japan’s management and finance centre. With a close relationship between government and business, go behind-the-scenes of the largest metropolitan economy in the world.

Company Visits

From manufacturing giants to prestigious centres of power, Insider London offers an extensive range of bespoke visits.

Highlights include:

  • Nissan – a dynamic corporation with a long history of globalized connections, the world’s largest EV manufacturer and a pioneer of intelligent mobility tech. Find out how Nissan stays ahead of the game
  • Sapporo Factory – Japan’s oldest beer and the top selling Asian beer in the US, Sapporo continues to go from strength to strength, not only through its crisp and refreshing products but through high-profile international acquisitions
  • Tokyo Stock Exchange – Asia’s largest Stock Exchange and the third largest in the world with a combined market capitalization of $5.67 trillion. Find out how it’s boldly moving forward into the future of cross-border practices
  • Yamasa Factory – founded in 1645, trace the manufacturing process of this soy sauce tycoon and discover the centuries of expertise combined with the latest new technology
  • Ministry of Justice – the legal heart of Japanese politics, this government department is responsible for Civil Affairs, Criminal Affairs, Human Rights, Immigration and more
  • Nitto – Celebrating its centennial in 2018, this chemical and material manufacturer supplies vital goods for a wide range of sectors including electronics, housing, automobiles and medicine

Cultural Experiences

No trip to Japan would be complete without engaging in its ancient culture and rich traditions. Make your trip an unforgettable experience by combining business visits with a cultural experience. We provide exclusive and authentic packages which include flower arranging, tea ceremonies and karate workshops. We can also organise exchange programmes with some of Asia’s most prestigious universities including Waseda University and the University of Tokyo.

Get in touch now via contact@insiderlondon.com to discover the fantastic opportunities available to your group in the Land of the Rising Sun.

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