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Shanghai Immersive Programme

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Experience a life-changing learning opportunity with the carefully crafted in-depth Shanghai Programme, specifically designed for international students. Based on the Experiential Learning Theory, this immersive journey combines the essentials of the Mandarin language, corporate visits, day excursions, and an in-depth exploration of Chinese food culture.

Key Features

Immersive Corporate Visits: Step into the heart of China’s business landscape through visits to quintessential enterprises, providing students with firsthand insights into the country’s commercial dynamics.

Language Proficiency: Our Mandarin courses prioritise practical application, ensuring students develop skills for real-life communication.

Cultural Exploration: Day excursions and culinary experiences offer an intimate look into Chinese daily life, blending tradition and modernity.

Experiential Learning Approach

Our program champions experiential learning, empowering students to shape their overseas learning and living experiences. Through a blend of courses, activities, practical sessions, and immersive visits, participants gain a holistic understanding of China’s rich societal, historical, and commercial tapestry.

Best Buyer Engage in a simulation where participants act as buyers, practising negotiation skills and communication in Mandarin to determine the best deals.

Chinese Table This activity allows students to dine with residents, fostering exchange and cultural integration. Students will join locals for traditional meals, listen to their stories, and enhance cross-cultural understanding and interaction between East and West.

Programme Highlights

Digitally Proficient Team Our project team operates in a digitally advanced manner, boasting twelve years of experience in managing international exchange programmes.

Experienced Teaching Team All instructors are experienced and possess qualifications for teaching Chinese to foreigners.

Embark on this journey with us, where each moment contributes to a more profound comprehension of China’s cultural mosaic. Open to international students, the Shanghai Programme awaits those seeking a transformative adventure in the heart of Asia.

Get in touch via contact@insiderlondon.com to start arranging your bespoke Shanghai Programme or to find out about our Shanghai Company Visits, and Cultural Experiences.

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