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In the shadows of the Burj Khalifa, visionaries and experimenters are hard at work in this glamorous metropolis.

The City of Gold is famous for oil but in fact owes its wealth and success to a skilful diversification of business interests including banking and finance, property and aviation.

We provide exclusive access into the world’s aviation hub which has transformed the Gulf region.

Tour of Dubai International Airport & Visit to the Airport Innovation Lab

Leading the world in international passenger volume, Dubai International Airport (DXB) boasts state-of-the-art facilities with incredible capacity and continued expansion. From the world’s largest solar energy system to the on-site specialist import facilities, the airport is not only the second-largest building in the world but is run with remarkable efficiency and amazing ingenuity.

Visit to the DXB Innovation Lab

Go behind-the-scenes with a visit to the airport’s Innovation Lab and meet the pioneers experimenting with the most innovative new projects. With a fertile and vibrant backdrop, free thinkers can thrive. DXB already boasts experiential features and over 23 billion data points which operate on a real-time analytics platform. Come and find out what’s next!

In-Depth Session at Area 2071 and Xlab

Located in Emirates Tower, immerse yourself in the future of travel at Area 2071 and Xlab. Xlab Aviation is an ambitious funding and support programme which partners the most exciting new start-ups with experts, industry contacts and government. Confronting two challenges: airport transition time and environmental impact, Intelak provides seed funding to four winning start-ups and bridges the gap between the most game-changing ideas and viable business models which can be practically applied to the sector.

This in-depth experience will be led by the incubator manager and provides groups with the opportunity to meet the start-ups and mentors who are prototyping the future of travel.

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